Some ways to start a new project

Project is a unit of work which is usually used by a team to create an application.

There are some ways you can do to initiate a new project:

  1. Create a blank project

You can create a new blank project by running the following command in CLI:

dotnet occli.dll project create -n MyNewProject

After the project is created you can start to fill it with Data Models and Job Definitions as needed.

  1. Create a project from a template

Instead of just starting with a blank project, you might want to create a project with some pre-loaded Data Models and Job Definitions. To do so, you need to include a template in your project creation command:

dotnet occli.dll project create -n MyNewProject -t sample

The template is a YAML file which is stored in certain template location. It can be composed manually or automatically generated by exporting an existing project.

By default, OpenCatapult provides two built-in templates: “sample” and “sample-devops” template.

  1. Clone an existing project

You can also initiate a new project by cloning from the existing one. The result might be similar to creating a project with a template, where some elements are pre-loaded into the new project. There are some differences though: 1) you don’t need to export an existing project and save the output in the template location, and 2) you can optionally copy either the Project Members or Job Definitions only, or both.

You can clone a project by running the following command:

dotnet occli.dll project clone -n MyNewProject -p TheExistingProject

Please find the complete options for each command at User Guides.