OpenCatapult v1.0.0-beta4 Release

Hi Friends,

We are happy to announce that we have released OpenCatapult v1.0.0-beta4 last week.

Please check the changes which come with the release in the following list:

Unified binary package

This v1.0.0-beta4 release comes with a unified binary package for Windows x64 platform. It helps end-users to run OpenCatapult locally on their machine. All they need to do is downloading the package from the release website, extract to a location, and execute a batch script to run the components. This procedure is much simpler for non-technical people to follow than having to build from the source code. We have updated the Quick Start docs to follow this procedure.

Although we only provide the release package for Windows x64 platform at the moment, we have been planning to deliver the packages for other platforms (Linux or Mac) as well in the future. However, for those of you who want to try running the components on the non-Windows platform now, you could still utilize the provided PowerShell scripts to build the source code.

SQLite database provider

In the last couple of releases, we have received many feedbacks from the users that the dependency to SQL Server was one factor that prevented them from trying OpenCatapult for the first time. SQL Server is excellent to be used in a production environment. However, it is pretty challenging, especially for non-technical people to have it installed on their local machine to try OpenCatapult.

In this release, we add the SQLite database provider as an alternative to the existing SQL Server database provider. In fact, we have made SQLite as the default database in the released package.

Switching between the two providers is just a matter of changing the following application configs:

  • Database Provider (valid value is either sqlite or mssql)
  • Connection String (depending on the selected database provider)

Context Help

If you try OpenCatapult for the first time, you must be wondering what the meaning of every element that you see on the screen is. We want to help you understand them easily by providing Context Help feature.

You can access Context Help by clicking the question mark icon on top of every page.

By clicking the Context Help button, you will get some popup messages explaining the elements on the page. It should give you enough idea on the functionality of each of them.

Editable Username

We have made Username to be editable. By default, users will still use their email address when being registered to OpenCatapult. But after confirming the email, users can change their Username into something else as long as it has not been taken by other users.

Default Job Definition

We allow Job Definition to be marked as a default job. We also add a new “Queue job” button together with the other project’s action buttons. If this button is clicked, it will automatically put the default job into the queue. This way, users don’t need to go to the “Job Definition” tab first to queue a job.

Merge Clone into Pull Task

The Clone and Pull tasks serve a similar action: getting code changes from the remote repository. For simplicity, we have decided to remove the Clone task, and give the freedom for the Repository Provider to determine what action it needs to do to get the code changes (whether it’s “clone” or “pull” action), e.g., by checking the existence of the source code locally.

Improvements on Web UI

  • automatic suggestion when creating the data model
  • display Email Confirmed status in the user list
  • add version page
  • improve the project area:
    • allow saving new project although some of the Job Definition configs are not complete
    • highlight incomplete configs in the job definition page
    • prevent incomplete Job Definition from being queued

Other improvements

  • allow Admin to assign a role when registering a user directly
  • use a Web URL (instead of API URL) to confirm registered user
  • GitHub Provider: allow adding a user as a member to a GitHub repository
  • add separate request and response logging to the API logs
  • host the Web UI on top of ASP.NET Core (it was pure Angular website)
  • update components to netcoreapp2.2 to support various hosting scenario
  • various bug fixes to improve stability

That’s all the changes that we ship with 1.0.0-beta4 release. This version is an interesting milestone for us because next, we will have the Release Candidate version, and hopefully, we will have a stable version soon.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to discuss anything with the team on this community website. We value your feedback. Thank you.



Excellent work team!