OpenCatapult v1.0.0-beta1 Release

Hi friends…

We have just released a new pre-release version of OpenCatapult, which is v1.0.0-beta1 now. The main theme for this release is to make better experiences for new users to onboard and try OpenCatapult without fear.

Please find the following items that describe some changes which are included in this released version:

A single build script

In the previous version, we have three build scripts which can be used to build and run the three OpenCatapult components: API, CLI, and Engine. In this version, we introduce a new “build-all.ps1” script which can be used to build and run all components in single script execution. It’s just a wrapper for the other three build scripts actually, so users can still use them if they want to.

Some improvements can also be noticed on the clearer messaging in the script which will help users to understand the situation during the script execution.

Improve CLI experience

We add useful hints when asking users to enter “Admin Email” and “Connection String” when creating a project with the “sample-devops” template. This hint can also be applied to other configs as necessary.

Rename “Plugin” term into "Task Provider"

We think that the term “Plugin” is too broad to be used in the OpenCatapult context. So we rename it into “Task Provider” to give it more cohesive feels with its related “Job Task” component. The change is only on the naming. All other technical things in the code behind are remain the same. It is still wired as an extension for the main OpenCatapult core application.

Ability to create external resources

In the previous version, users need to manually create GitHub repository and Azure App Service instance prior to creating a new project. In this version, we add an ability for “Polyrific.Catapult.Plugins.GitHub” and “Polyrific.Catapult.Plugins.AzureAppService” providers to create external resources as necessary.

Consistent versioning numbers

Starting this version, we make consistent versioning for all components and built-in Task Providers. This is necessary to make sure all of them to work as expected. It will be useful especially for the users who use the released binaries to work with OpenCatapult.

Task Provider ability to load arguments from a file

Task Provider is a standalone application which can be run without running the main OpenCatapult application for the development and testing purpose. However, up until the previous version it was still not practical to do so because it required arguments which were too cumbersome to be written by hands in the command shell. So in this version, we add ability for the Task Provider application to load the pre-defined arguments from a file. User can easily compose the required arguments because it needs to be written in json format which is human readable.

Bug Fixes

We have also fixed several bugs to make this release to be more stable than the previous one.

That’s all the improvements that we do in v1.0.0-beta1 release. Please find it in the GitHub release, or if you just want to download the binaries please find them in the release website.

We have updated the docs to reflect these changes. Please go ahead to try it, and let us know what you think. Thank you.


Awesome - can’t wait to try for my weekend project


Looking forward for it to be announced here as well :smiley:

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Nice! I hope I can try it ASAP.

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Outstanding work on the beta1 release! It went very smoothly!